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Complete series of collections furnitures

Sl5140 - Set brown bath

In stock
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Set brown bath

Set brown bath. Composed of a toilet, a bathtube and a sink.

94.00 €

Sl5136x - Set Living

In stock
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Set Living

Set room. Contains all the furniture of the image.

96.00 €

Sl5151 - Bedroom

In stock
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Bedroom set. It contains two nightstand, a trunk and a bed.

99.95 €

Sl5010 - Set Nurseria Sky

In stock
Quick delivery


Set Nurseria Sky

Set nurseria sky. Composed of three parts.

117.95 €

Sl5092x - Dining Set

In stock
Quick delivery


Dining Set

Dining set. Composed of 4 chairs and a table.

130.00 €

Sl5222 - White Toilet

In stock
Quick delivery


White Toilet

White toilet composed by toilet, sink and bathtub.

142.75 €

130.00 €

Sl5167 - Bedroom Collection

In stock
Quick delivery


Bedroom Collection

Full Bedroom Collection. Composed of a bed, a wardrobe, a bedside table and a bedroom dresser with mirror.

159.00 €

Sl6007 - 4 chairs and a black table

In stock
Quick delivery


4 chairs and a black table

Set of 4 chairs and a black table.

165.00 €

Cn0005 - Full Bedroom

In stock
Quick delivery


Full Bedroom

Full bedroom consists of a bed, wardrobe, dressing table and chair

173.75 €

Cn0013 - Black dining room

In stock
Quick delivery


Black dining room

Black dining room formed by a glass cabinet, a dining table and four chairs.

215.10 €

Sl5061 - Set Living room

In stock
Quick delivery


Set Living room

Set for living room. Composed by a showcase, a small table, a sofa, 2 chairs and an armchair.

249.00 €


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