LED battery system

Lp2096 - LED battery system

This electrical set allows you to convert your traditional 12v lamps into LED lamps. It is valid for small installations from 1 to 6 bulbs. Ideal for small scenes, roomboxes etc. Includes battery holder, 4 batteries, power strip with 6 connections and 2 LED screw-in bulbs to replace the thin 12v bulbs of your lamp. If you need more bulbs, please ask for prices and availability.

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LED battery system

This system consists of converting the traditional lamps in your dolls' house, which run on 12v, into LED lamps that run on 3 AA batteries.

What does it include?

  • Battery holder with ON/OFF switch.
  • 4 AA battery pack (but only uses 3 AA batteries).
  • Power strip with 6 connections.
  • 2 LED screw-in thin bulbs..

How does it work?

Simply replace the original bulbs with the LED bulbs included in this electrical set. Once the bulbs have been replaced, simply connect the battery holder to the power strip and the lamps to the power strip.

What is the difference between LED lamps and this system?

To begin with, the LED lamps that we sell as such, each have a switch at the base of each lamp and a battery in the lamp itself, and they do not have a cable. This system, on the other hand, uses traditional lamps, the only difference is that instead of needing a 12v transformer, it uses batteries. Obviously, to make them work with batteries, the bulbs have to be changed, but they still have their own cable, power strip, etc.

How many lamps can I install with one electrical system?

The idea of this electrical system is to be able to use it in small dollhouses, scenes, roomboxes, etc, that do not need many bulbs. Ideally, it should not be used for more than 6 bulbs. The more bulbs we use, the less time the batteries will last. We have tested with 6 bulbs and they last more than 10-12 hours without noticing any loss of intensity.

I need more bulbs and I can't find them on the website.

The set includes 2 bulbs and although we do not currently have them for sale individually on the web, if you need more, please contact us to ask for price and availability.