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Welcome. In our website you can find Dolls houses, accesories and fornitures for doll houses. We thank you in advance for your visit and we hope that you will find what you are looking for. Our company is in charge of selling miniatures since 2003 through our online shop in spanish We have decided to translate this website to english to be more accesible and to make sure that you find all items easily. Thank you very much.

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Special sales valid from 1st to 30th June 2018

Bm034 - Jacksons Stores kit

In stock
Quick delivery

Bm034 Jacksons Stores kit

Jacksons Stores kit. This dollhouse has two small stores independent. It no contains papers, decoration or paintings.

  • Dimensions
  • 86.3 cm wide x 43.2 cm depth x 67 cm high

120.00 €

79.95 €

Sa1300 - Summer house kit

In stock
Quick delivery

Sa1300 Summer house kit

The summer house in kit offering only one room for an office, studio or chill out space. Its many features make the Summer House one of our most versatile small projects. Completely disassembled, unpainted and without wallpaper. It excludes wallpapers, paintings and furniture,nor the characters that appear in the image.

  • Dimensions
  • 26.5 cm wide x 48 cm depth x 31.5 cm high

55.00 €

47.95 €

Ch36125 - Rustic bedroom

In stock
Quick delivery

Ch36125 Rustic bedroom

Rustic bedroom.

27.95 €

22.95 €

Al98061 - Furniture with accesories

In stock
Quick delivery

Al98061 Furniture with accesories

Bathroom cabinet with accessories.

17.50 €

13.50 €

Ch36130 - Bathroom

In stock
Quick delivery

Ch36130 Bathroom

Set decorated bathroom.

16.95 €

13.95 €

Cj0002 - Set of sofas

In stock
Quick delivery

Cj0002 Set of sofas

Set of sofas composed by a sofa and two armchairs. Paintings and cushions included.

16.95 €

13.45 €

Tc4009 - Glass set

In stock
Quick delivery

12.95 €

9.95 €

Al12687 - Black decorated dishes

In stock
Quick delivery

Al12687 Black decorated dishes

Black decorated dishes

7.55 €

5.55 €

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